Rally track

The local landscape is unique in its own way – almost all local roads are suitable for this type of competition. All components are present to create an ideal race track: mountain area, adverse terrains, and earth roads. There are also excellent viewing points for spectators.

To create all this huge funds are spent in Europe, while here it is a gift of nature. One should just make an effort and bring the track and adjacent territory into a proper condition to obtain an ideal place for motor racing competitions. And this is a responsibility of our team of race organizers.



The following competitions will take place on the track in 2011:

April 10, 2011: OCKT, motor cross stage 1. Organizers: RTDSO, KTMRF

October 9, 2011: OCKT, motor cross stage 4. Organizers: RTDSO, KTMRF

OCKT Open Championship of the Krasnodar Territory
KTMRF Krasnodar Territory Motor Racing Federation
RTDSO Russian Technical Defence and Sport Organization

Rally track layout