The Ilskaya urban settlement comprises the urban-type settlement Ilskaya and stanitsa Derbentskaya.

According to the 2002 census, the population is 23,700.


- 3,323 children aged below 14;

- 10,553 men;

- 12,544 women.

10,780 of the people living in Ilskaya are employed. They work in the service industry, in education, medicine and in arts. The average income is 8,870 roubles.

One of the largest industrial companies in the settlement is the Ilskaya Oil Refinery. The company is increasing production, expanding its production area, introducing new technologies and creating new jobs.

«Medvezhya Gora» Joint Stock Company is another company that has been running smoothly in recent years. For many years it’s been headed by A. Lebedenko, an honoured resident of the Severskiy district and a recipient of the Labour Red Flag and Mark of Distinction orders as well as many others.

«Ilskiy Plant Utyazhelitel» Joint Stock Company is going through a difficult period but it’s already developed a strategy for overcoming the crisis and has been showing promising results recently.

The settlement also has its own producers of construction materials; Ankom LLC makes bricks, Stroytekh LLC also makes bricks, while ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC is a new but very fast growing business offering a broad range of dry construction mixes such as glues for ceramic tiles, self-levelling floors and finishings.

The agricultural sector is dominated by the agro complex Solnechny, Agrosystem CJSC and a number of small farms. Greenhouse farms are doing very well, both in Ilskaya and Derbentskaya they grow roses, cucumbers, tomatoes etc all year round.

The Solnechny Agro Complex is a modern cattle breeding and grain growing company that uses modern harvesters from the leading manufacturers, has cutting edge facilities for milking and keeping cows that utilise state of the art milking and feeding systems. This agro complex employs about 150 people.

Today Ilskaya has 5 high schools, including 4 general purpose high schools, one basic high school and one type eight correctional boarding school. There is also a professional trade school (a branch of PU-34), 6 day care centres/kindergartens, a children’s school of arts, a sports school as well as children’s and town libraries.

The healthcare sector is represented by District Hospital No 2, a children’s polyclinic and a chain of pharmacies.

The financial condition of the population has remained stable for a number of years. The income has been growing and in 2010 the tax collection targets were exceeded. As a result of the local administration’s work the living conditions in the settlement were improved. Asphalt was laid on six streets. All these projects were jointly financed by the local authorities and the district authorities, total expenditures reaching 6,500,000 roubles.

Sidewalks were built on the road connecting the settlement centre and the market square, on which 2,600,000 roubles were spent. The settlement park has been renovated and new playgrounds have been opened.

The settlement’s budget for 2011 is 28,922,100 roubles, of which 11,108,300 roubles is going to be used on improving the roads and parks in the settlement.

The fulfillment of social-economic development plan of ILSKIY for 7 months of 2011.