Natashka's waterfalls

Natashka's waterfalls are located in the sources of the IL river, southwest of Derbentskaya stanitsa and are so named in honor of a student of the Krasnodar agricultural institute who visited this place with a tourist group in the early 1960s. The height of the seven-step falls is 15…17m, and the second one is located 400m higher and has on step 6.5m in height.

The Sosnovoy Shcheli gorge, where the falls are located, was popular among Krasnodar tourists in the 1970s and 1980s, and then forgotten without reason. A visit to the falls is combined with an ascent of the Ubin-su Mount dividing the basins of the Il and Ubin rivers. To reach the falls, one has to come to Derbenskaya stanitsa, and the hiking part from the village is 5…6km. The route is recommended for trained tourist groups, including those planning sports and classification trips in this area towards the Ubin River valley or Mount Papay.


Natashka's waterfalls location



The track from Ilskiy settlment to Natashka's waterfalls (GPX format for the Garmin navigation system): download (track author: Igor Tsypurdey)


Amateur video of the first seven-step Natashka's waterfall