Head of the Ilskiy urban settlement

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I am glad to welcome you on the official website of Ilskiy urban settlement!

Our settlement (Cossack stanitsa Ilskaya before 1947) is the oldest of all Severskiy district settlements. The first party of immigrants appeared here on June 27, 1863, almost one year before the end of the Caucasian war. This date became the day of establishment of the Cossack village of Ilskiy.

The distance from us to Krasnodar, the capital of the Kuban Territory, is only 45km, and the distance to the famous Black Sea resorts of Anapa and Gelendzhik is about 120km. This way to the sea can be made three times shorter if you are fond of sports, mountain tracks, wild woods, and ancient dolmens.

If one reaches the southern suburb of Ilskiy settlment via a motor road to stanitsa Derbentskaya, and rises from the bridge up a small slope, then one can find a plate saying Monument of Archeology. Ilskiy Paleolithic Site on a small glade surrounded by apartment houses. It is the primitive man settlement known all over the world. It is considered the most ancient in Europe and is entered in all academic directories. Its age is 130,000 years.

Ancient people have chosen this slope on the IL river bank to settle in for some reason. It was convenient to arrange hides on aurochs and bears, bison and deer, and even on mammoths here, in a narrowing of the river valley. Oil producers deployed their fields exactly here, where oil literally exuded from earth, in the 19th century. The first settlers of the future Cossack stanitsa of Ilskaya simply collected it with buckets and used for household needs.

A monument to the well No. 41 drilled to a depth of 207m in 1884 stands in there, near the road to Derbentskaya. It was the second oil well on Kuban and the first blower well in our district.

On flat areas one can see burial mounts, i.e. ancient burial places of nomads, and dolmens, i.e. 'heroes' houses' of ancient inhabitants of Caucasus.

The Ilskiy urban settlement can provide a broad range of tourist services. The resort and tourist season lasts for 7 to 9 months.

Big and mid-size enterprises and the organizations as well as over 200 private entrepreneurs actively operate in the settlement.

The Ilskiy urban settlement has excellent prospects of attracting investments. We have everything for this purpose: both fertile Kuban land and inter-ethnic peace and harmony, which have developed over centuries. There are all prerequisites for new successful production activities, and the most important factor is our neat-handed fellow countrymen.


Head of Ilskiy urban settlement