Entrepreneurs of ILSKIY SETTLEMENT are suing Severskiy District Administration

November 23, 2012

ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC is suing the Severskiy District Administration in the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar Region in the amount of 320 thousand rubles to recover the cost of permanent improvements on the land plot (ILSKIY urban settlement, ul.Neftyanikov, 2A), rendered by the Administration of the Severskiy district to ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC for lease under the contract number 2600005417 from May 4, 2012. This plot had encumbrances by the rights of a third party at the date of signing the lease contract number 2600005417, as ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC did not know, and the administration of the Severskiy District knew or should have known.

In addition to the cost recovery, ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC claims to give it the alternative plot of land not worse than the lost one for a joint project with an Austrian investor. The statement of claim made to the production of the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar region.

This is not the only or the largest lawsuit filed in 2012 by entrepreneurs ILSKIY settlement to the Administration of the Severskiy district. A sole trader Andrey Laiko, who rebuilt at his own expense a new building of ILSKIY settlement police department and did not receive the promised compensation for it, sued the Administration of Severskiy district and administration of ILSKIY urban settlement to recover the amount of illicit enrichment in the amount of 2.89 million rubles. This claim, adopted to produce the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar region, was preceded by 9 months of correspondence of Andrey Laiko with the administration of ILSKIY urban settlement, of Severskiy district and of Krasnodar region.