Ilskiy oil refinery plant won the lawsuit against Vladimir Perebeinos

February 23, 2014

Krasnodar region Arbitral Court obliged Vladimir Perebeinos to pay compensation to Ilsky oil refining plant

Latest news about legal proceedings between Ilsky oil refining plant and active volunteer of Northern Caucasus Environment Watch, member of "Yabloko" political party Vladimir Perebeinos.

Since 2012 the plant has been involved in judicial disputes with Perebeinos, who undermined the authority of Ilsky oil refining plant and smeared it by claiming that refinery's area is not possessed legally and that it supposedly pollute the air around Seversky region.

According to court hearing decision as of 17.02.2014, Vladimir Perebeinos is obliged to pay compensation in amount of 42,939.58 rubles and officially dispose of former statements against activity of the major budget revenue generating enterprise of Seversky region.